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Our guest designer Claudia White is sharing a bit of her December Magic with us today!

Oh what fun it is to have this scavenger hunt for the holidays! A fun game that my family and I are participating in this year. Last month I share a copy of the list of things to look for when ever you are out and about.

I gave the list to my husband and my kids and they are also  taking photos of things they come across. This is a great way to get the family involved in documenting holiday memories.


Find a copy of the scavenger hunt  list here  and start taking fun photos. Look for these items when you go the store, the super market, the craft store and when you go for a walk around your neighborhood. 

If you carry a picture of the list on your phone, you can easily check off the items you have already found.


If you want to embellish your pages consider using some of the December cut files Citrus Twist offers. I used my Cricut machine to cut the snow flakes and I had some of their digital files printed by my local printing shop.

I ordered two copies of each of the label sheets and the journaling cards. They are one of my go to embellishments.   


Here are some ideas on how to use journaling cards in your projects, (besides the obvious) You can treat them as paper, cut tags from journaling cards that have pretty floral patterns, use them to frame up your photos, 

If the cards have large florals or other fun graphics, cut them out and use them as ephemera pieces to layer up all the embellishments.

I used lots of journaling cards in these two layouts using the ideas I just mentioned, including the two at the front where I list the items of the scavenger hunt I’ ve already found.


The Merry and Bright Kit included lots of beautiful papers that fit the Life-Crafted album. I created side pockets by gluing the edges of two sheets. For the pull out pages I knew my photos were gonna cover most of the paper so plain white 

cardstock was good enough. The great thing is that now my pages are double sided and are ready for my next layout.



Print your photos any size you want, but I recommend choosing a smaller size since you will have a lot of photos to add to your December albums.  To print my photos this small, I first created a 4x6 collage with my Photoshop app. 

I can add 4 photos to each grid and each photo measures 2x3.  This size worked perfect to create the slider pages that will fit in my pocket page. I saved my photo grid to my photo library and used the Canon Printer photo  app to print my photos here at home.


Printing all the photos I collect one a week helps me keep up to date with my memories. I might now always have time to work on my albums or create a page but when I have some free time to craft, my photos are ready to go. 

I use my Canon Printer at home but if  have lots of photos to print I usually send them out to Persnickety Prints, they are my first choice when it comes to printing my family photos.

Don’t forget that you can use both sides of the slider page to add more pics. 


Hope all this looks ok. Let me know if you have any questions. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great day tomorrow.

Thank you



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