Saturday, March 20, 2021

3-to-Inspire with Ingunn

Vaccines are rolling out, winter is thawing (at least up here in our neck of the woods), and each and every day I feel more hopeful that we will be able to travel home to Norway at some point this year and see our families again! Until then, I am cherishing the fact that I get to relive our Covid-safe family vacation to our local National Park last summer while using the Travelogue kit. This is one of the best things about scrapbooking – we get to experience our favorite memories many times over!

For this week’s post, I challenge you to use:


PHOTO ENLARGEMENTS // When I first started using Life Crafted albums, I was a little worried that I would miss the opportunity to use giant, full-page prints of hiking photos. As it turns out, I needn’t have worried at all – for this double spread, I printed my photo at 10 x 8.25 inches (then cut it in half). Love, love, love this look.

A FLIP-OUT PAGE // This is a trick I learned from the fabulous Pam Baldwin: use a bone folder to fold the edge of a page protector, then attach said edge (the part with the holes) to the edge of your full-size photo. Voila, you have a flip-out! I used one of the travelers notebook-sized page protectors that come with the Life Crafted albums, and added an Avery index tab with a stamped phrase to the edge so you have something to grab onto as you flip it over. 

(This is how the back looks before you attach another full-size photo on top of that!)

DESIGN SCHEME // Whenever I make travel albums, I like to create a repeatable design scheme to make things quicker and easier. On this particular trip, each separate big hike in Mount Rainier National Park got a highlight: a double-page full-size photo with a flip-out:

I created a journaling page by combining two of the digital Travelogue travelers notebook papers, printed them out with my journaling and rating, then added one of the puffy stickers (omg just look at that little backpack!).

On top of the full-sized photo, I added one of the puffy phrase stickers.

On the back of the flip-out page, I added a collage of other photos from the hike, plus a couple of embellishments.

…and on the opposing corner, I added a cardstock flag, then sprinkled puffy stars around the different embellishments.

Now I get to dig into my photos and memorabilia from this trip + the rest of the Travelogue kit to fill in the extras between these highlight sections!


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