Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Go Big or Go Home with Aimee

Today I have a really quick and easy layout for you that works on a very simple principe - Go Big!

It all starts with a big photo and a big alpha. Once you have them in place you are already three quarters of the way done! 

I choose to mat the photo on big chunky banners in a smaller pattern paper to match the patterns on the alpha and give the layout more detail. The theme I had in mind was big, overstuffed old lady couch - you could just go with rustic.

Once you have your 'big' pieces in place it's time to add the tiny little details that make the spread yours and brings the layout all together, like the twine that tied up Septembers kit, a button and a felt heart from the Wonder ephemera pack. I also went a little crazy with the black destress ink just to amp up the 'well worn' feel. 

So there you have it my giant old lady overstuffed couch - I mean layout. All done and dusted in under an hour. 

Until next time...

Aimee Xx

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  1. Aimee! I love this layout. It's nice and clean but still detailed. Thanks for sharing.