Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quick tag using the WRMK Heatwave Pen!

Hi everyone!

It's Emma here to share a project I made using the WRMK Heatweave pen tool that I picked up from the shop this month.

As soon as I saw this Heatwave Pen I knew I had to get one!  I've been holding out for the Minc but I thought this would be a perfect introduction to getting started with foils on projects.

First up, this pen is alot of fun!  But I must confess, I found it had quite a learning curve.  It's not that the pen is hard to use - I mean, it's a turn it on, it heats up and then you write with it.  Couldn't be any simpler! ;) The learning curve I had was getting a consistent finish with the foil.  I'm guessing most of the inconsistency comes from the way I held the pen (i.e. the way I write) but as with most things...practice makes perfect!  The more I used the pen; the better it got!  If you are looking to pick one of these up I would suggest getting extra foils so you have plenty to practice with.

For today I thought I would share how this tag came together. I love making gift tags for family and friends, and I'm excited that I can now add my own personal touch to each one! 

First up I gathered some supplies from the September kits and my own personal stash that I wanted to use.  As you can see above, I went with gold foil because its my favourite but the pen itself comes with foil sheets in gold, silver, blue, red and pink!

And rather than show you a bunch of photo's, I've actually made a short little video of how this tag came together.  Still learning this video thing so you'll have to forgive me for getting my head into the frame as I wrote with the pen...amateur ;)   But the good news is..there's no talking, ha!

I'd love to hear if you picked up the Heatwave Pen!  How did you find it?  And if you've not got it yet, is it on your wish list?!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. So pretty Emma!!! And such a awesome video.... so cool!! Thanks <3 hugs Anna :)