Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial with Karen

Today I thought I would share with you how I add some mixed media to my layouts. I've been adding paint splatters to most of my layouts for a while now, and I love the effect it creates, it adds depth to your pages and I hope that by showing you how easy it really is, you will give it a try on your next layout.

Below is what I grabbed in my studio, part of my creative process is gathering my papers and embellishments first, this helps with keeping under 15 minutes. The products I used on this layout are from what I had left over in the September Pocket Pages Citrus Twist Kit.

I love a good 'Grid' design, and I usually stick to this format when creating a layout. 

Place the squares on the page, including your photo. Play around with the patterns until you are happy with the look.

I had a few pl cards left over, including this one 'Sweet Thing' above, so I cut around it and placed in the middle of my 'grid'. 

I then added a few embellishments on the grid and around it. There is no real method in my madness here, it's pretty much hit or miss, whatever I feel satisfied with. I just play around with it.

Now for the real fun, mix up some paint in your palette, I went with a pink. I use a Zig Watercolour system brush and you just squeeze in some water with paint, this creates a runnier consistency to work with.

As you can see from above use your pointer finger to 'flick' or 'spatter' the paint on, you can even add some paint dots to your page to give it those bigger paint 'dots'. Add as much or as little as you want, again, there is no rule, no method, just when you feel enough is enough. 

And that's it, pretty easy huh. I added a little corner embellishment on the bottom too. This layout took under 15 minutes. 

Give it a go, I think you'll love it. See you next time.

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