Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial with Chantal Philippe

Happy Tuesday!

It's time for another tutorial and I'll be sharing a project I put together just this weekend. I've been hoarding these mini embroidery hoops I purchased a while back. The one I used for my project was only 3 inches…very tiny but perfect for what I had in mind. I am also partial to the wood ones and any size would do.

I first started by making the pompoms using some yarn I had leftover from some last Christmas crafts. I created a pompom making template in Photoshop and cut them with my Silhouette. The piece of 12x12 cardboard used it the one Trina throws in with our monthly kits to make them sturdier.

Once the pompoms were done and all tied up, I snipped off one of the excess pieces and kept the other as is in order to have it hang below my hoop (one lower than the other). I then grabbed an old summer tank top, draped it over the hoop insert, tightened the hoop up and cut some of the fabric off. The cut doesn't need to be perfect since the excess will be chopped off completely latter on.

I choose a few small pieces from this month's main scrapbooking, sprinkles kit, a brown button from my personal stash (which I had already sewed onto the fabric rosette) and then printed a small polaroid sized picture.

I glued on my photo first to the left of the hoop and added all the other little items to the right around it. I used my usual glue tape but I am sure hot glue would work as well.

I then snipped off all the excess fabric, wool pieces hanging out the back and trimmed the pompoms a little to even them out.