Friday, December 16, 2022



Hi there!
Marina with you today to share a bit of Life Crafted Inspiration featuring our new WINTER MAGIC ephemera and digital files.

I'm just in love with the palette of this beautiful kit, so I wanted to create a spread in these very shades. I used the google app to highlight the main colors and find the right photos to match.

I decided to use the bottom row of colors as a base, and make the top rows and black accent colors, adding some light pink and our gorgeous Sunshine puffy alphabet to the header:
What a beautiful combination of cool and warm hues, isn't it? :)
On this page, I added a blue digital card to dilute the pale color scheme, as well as some yellow and pink to create an overall color triangle throughout the spread:
I love "snow globes," it's my little New Year's weakness, so I wanted to add the second of our Winter Magic digital elements here by adding a flip card.
By the way, the little yellow accent is also present in this photo, and I'm very happy with how harmonious my spread turned out thanks to this beautiful palette!
Do you use the "palette method" for your photos? Do you edit them influenced by the paper or embellishments you like? I'll be honest - I do! :)
I hope my first November snow in these photos inspires you to create something beautiful and light with our beautiful winter kit!

Thanks for stopping by!
See you in the New Year! ;))

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