Friday, June 24, 2016

Pocket Life Friday - Use some numbers as your composition base!

Hello on Friday! It's Kasia here with another pocket pages inspiration (and a sketch of course!) made with the gorgeous June Capri PL kit and some bits and pieces from sprinkles and embellishments kits!

Probably you know by now that I love when my pocket pages are light, happy and cheerful - I always start with building a base of whatever white elements I can find - luckily there were plenty of them inside Capri Pocket Life kit! Wohoa!

When I looked through my photographs from that week I noticed I only have pictures taken with my iPhone camera - it's ok though, I don't strive to use only camera taken photos for my albums. All the pictures I picked have been already edited for instagram with A Color Story app - it's my go to editing app these days! 


When I started working on my pages layout I got totally inspired by a 3x4 card from the PL kit  which says "5 favorites" - I decided to build my composition around this card's theme. 


I numbered my photos from 1 to 5 and wrote the corresponding journaling on the card. It's a fun way to change things a bit and higlight some favorites from here and now! I'll definitely repeat this trick some time soon!


I prepared a simple sketch for you showing the bones of my spread. It's made with 9x12 album in mind but you can easily recreate it for another format. The sketch will allow you to create a well balanced and airy entry to your album - just follow it, especially if you also love to use your square, instagram pictures!

Below are some juicy details for you for further inspiration how to play with this month's kits.






And here you can see once again my list inspired pages. Using the numbers helps to guide the eye through the page and keeps everything nice and organized. I challenge you to try this technique in summer!


I hope you enjoyed today's post! Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

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