Thursday, June 9, 2016

In My Studio with Marie

Hi Everyone!  Marie Lottermoser here today to share a peek inside my work space.

Over the years I've gone through several transformations of my scrapbooking space trying to find what works best for me.  I've gone from having a room full of tools and supplies to now just keeping my absolute favorites on hand and within easy reach.

Like a lot of people I'm a big fan of the Raskog cart.  On the top shelf I keep ink pads, roller stamps, pens and washi tape.

The middle section holds adhesive, my Crop-A-Dile, a Tiny Attacher, my favorite punches, stickers and labels.  The bottom tray holds my Fuse tool, paper trimmer, and larger equipment. I only keep the things I use all the time in my cart and I weed through it often to get rid of what I'm not using.

Just the other day I went through all of my roller stamps and checked for duplicates.  I had several identical date stamps when I only needed one.

One thing that has really changed for me over time is I use mostly open storage now.  I've learned when I keep things in drawers and cabinets I will forget about them. Now I keep uncovered trays and dishes out in the open so I can see exactly what I have, and it inspires me to use my stash.

I have a white organizer I fill with a variety of envelopes and tags.  Grouping like items together helps me always know where they are.

Extra 6x8 page protectors go in a metal bin.  

Clear stamps go in another open container.  I keep extra ink pads in the front and the stamps are easy to flip through to find what I need.  When the container gets too full I know it's time to go through and just keep what I'm actually using.

 Jars hold alphabets and embellishments.

I keep clear plastic bins out of the way which hold collections I haven't used yet, but can't seem to part with (October Afternoon anyone?).  I also have a bin full of memorabilia I haven't gotten around to scrapping yet.

A small bookshelf holds my albums.  The top shelf is 6x8 and the bottom is 8.5 x 11.  I still have some 12x12 albums which are currently residing in my closet.

When a new kit comes in the mail I keep it out on my desk while I use it.

When the month is over I take what's left and put it with the rest of my stash. 3x4 cards are divided by color and put in a wood coffee box.  I made dividers out of slightly larger cards so I could easily find what I'm looking for.

And that's a quick look at my studio!  By keeping it simple and open I find I use a lot more supplies, and I'm inspired by what I have.  I hope you've enjoyed visiting today!


  1. Ooh, so much beautiful eye candy! Thanks for sharing, Marie xx

  2. wooooowwww.... love it! particularly the box with the cards sorted by color, so smart!

  3. beautiful studio! And so organized.. mine is a cluttered chaotic mess!

  4. Come on! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful details!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna be a PL card sitting on Your desk right now!

  5. Love it all!! I loved October Afternoon, what happened to them ??