Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sometimes simple is best with Aimee.

Since before Eva was born I have had a crippling fear of scraping her album. I created this perfect little human, how hard can the perfect scrapbook be? Yeah... It's impossible. Especially when said perfect child isn't really big on naps. I've come to the realisation that sometimes done, is better than nothing. Even better than 'done' is a page with a simple clean style that can be done in 15 minutes. Let's rock this out shall we?

Tip One: love your kit. Trina does such an amazing job of giving you everything you need. This page is living proof the you don't need to raid your stash. Paint, glue, the Capri Main Kit and June's Embellishment Kit and your good to go. And you know what? I find that limiting my supplies not only saves me time, it also increases my creativity.  Give it a go, you might surprise yourself.

Tip Two: You often find that Kits have a few sheet from the same collection. Use them to your advantage as they were designed to go together. Also, white cardstock is your friend, who am I kidding it's my scrap supply soulmate.

Tip Three: No one REALLY needs a title. Hell, if you can get away with word stickers who even really needs journaling? Oh how I love Citrus Twist Phrase Stickers <3 <3 <3

Tip Four: Ditch the time consuming processes. Sure I could print a label in one of a million cool fonts  and colours, but frankly it's just easier to use the typewriter. Why get out the sewing machine when a tiny attacher works so well. And by 'well', I mean it drives me less mad when I run out of staples apposed to having to refill and fit the bobbin.

There you have it my CT kit lovers. The secret to simple, chic, streamlined pages.

Can't wait to come back and play next month,

Aimee Xx

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