Saturday, June 11, 2016

3 to Inspire with Suse

Hey everyone! Suse back with you today for another '3 to Inspire' challenge. For any newbies, this is a really fun way to challenge yourself by working our three prompts into your project. And if you upload your finished project to our gallery, you could win a fun prize!

You know when you see a paper and just fall in love? This pink ombre design from Paige Evans' Fancy Free collection had me swooning! I knew it would be the perfect background for a super-pretty layout about my girl. So here's our first prompt: use an entire sheet of a favourite paper as your background.

A design technique that I love to employ in a lot of my layouts is having one main cluster, paired with a little extra 'something' in one of the corners or edges of my page. So here's our next prompt: have one main cluster and a little extra 'something' somewhere on your page.

I tend to get a bit carried away with layers: I love it when those small slips of gorgeous papers peek out tantalisingly! Which leads us to the third and final prompt: go heavy on the layering!

So here's a re-cap of our three prompts:

1. Use an entire sheet of a favourite paper as your background
2. Have one main cluster and one little 'extra' on your page
3. Go heavy on the layering!

When you're done, simply share your work in the gallery here (include 06/11 in the title), on our Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram (@citrustwistkits). Have lots of fun!


  1. Yesyesyes! Your page is awesome Your style is shining through every corner of it! And great prompts! I used to be a layers-layouts girl and now You made me wanna go back there!! Awesome!

    1. What a lovely comment - made my day xx