Saturday, May 14, 2016

3 to inspire with Alena

Hi everyone, it's  Alena  here today to share this week's 3 to Inspire challenge. You can find this challenge here every Saturday for those who need a little extra creative push to get scrapbooking, to keep scrapbooking or for those who just like a challenge! 
Your prompts this week are:

  1. Use wood veneer pieces.
  2. Use the negative of chipboard.
  3. Use gold embellishments.
This is what I did with the challenge:

Use the three prompts to create your own projects and share them with us here in the gallery and/or our Facebook Forum. Use the three prompts to create your own project, share it with us here in the gallery , and you will be eligible to win happy mail. Make sure to include the date of the challenge, May 14th,  in the title of your gallery and/or Facebook Citrus Twist Kits Fan Page submission. Can't wait to see what you create!


  1. You are true genious! Love every single page of Yours! Colors, ideas, clear style!! And the product package in here! brilliant!