Thursday, May 19, 2016

For the Record

Hello! Michelle here with you today to share my solution for documenting those big events quickly while still leaving plenty of room for creativity.

One of the hardest parts for me when it comes to scrapbooking a fun trip or event, is having to narrow down the photos that I am going to scrap. I would love to create traditional layouts for all those special photos, unfortunately though, there just isn't enough time nor enough space in my albums to do that.  What I am able to do though, is scrap a few of my fave photos traditionally and then document the rest of them using pocket pages.  This way I am able to use all of the photos that I want and still keep my memory keeping somewhat time efficient!

When I scrapbook a trip or event this way, I like to keep both types of pages (pocket and traditional) cohesive in their design. What I mean by this, is I like to unify all the photos and layouts with color, embellishments, and repitition with the goal being that all the pages look like they belong together. Almost like they have there own special place or chapter in my album.

What I am sharing with you today are the first two layouts documenting the first day of a recent NASCAR weekend that I spent with my family. As you can imagine, I had several pictures. We've been going to races togther for over a decade, yet I still manage to find new things to photograph! What I ended up doing was picking two pictures to scrapbook traditionally in a 6x8 size and then I fit the rest of the photos in three pocket pages. Working with both the May "Beach Glass" Scrapbook and PL Kits, along with the May Embellishment Kit, co-ordinating my pages was super easy.

Here's the opening page:

The Becky Higgins ephemera pack in the PL kit was just my thing! When embellishing cards for my pocket pages I like to keep things simple and die cuts are a great way to add detail to or dress up a card quickly. Using my tiny attacher as opposed to my usual sewing machine is also a time saver on these little projects.

For the next page, a 6x8 traditional layout, I stuck to the general color scheme from the first page and repeated some of the same elements: circles, tiny attatcher, and grey patterned paper. Keep in mind that I don't go for "matchy-matchy" because that would be hard and not as much fun. My aim here is to keep my memory keeping efficient but also creative and fun!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope this post has inspired you to think outside the box a little and find ways to make memory keeping work for you like I did!


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