Monday, May 9, 2016

In My Studio with Diane

I was SO excited to see my brush script words as part of the stamps in this month’s kits here at Citrus Twist Kits. I’ve always admired hand lettering and really wanted to give it a go but had always felt too intimidated to try. But one day I picked up a brush and just gave it a go. It was not pretty. But I persevered and slowly I felt like I was getting better.

Now I try to make sure I practise a few times a week (in fact, I’ve just started the 100 Day Project where I brush script something new everyday, you can see the results over on my Instagram). Swapping my keyboard for a brush has become a habit for me, a quiet time to think, a time to slow down and feel inspired by the words I’m writing.

My favourite tools for scripting are: watercolour paints, acrylic ink, a variety of brushes in a range of sizes but my favourite is a No 2 Round by DAS, water brushes, a LOT of paper and a LOT of time.

For each finished piece, I usually have 2-5 practice goes before picking the best composition. Then I photograph it and edit the photo to adjust the contrast or colours. To create a digital version for stamps and design work, I scan the paper and make any final adjustments in Photoshop.

Have you ever tried brush script? My advice would be: give it a go! Practise, practise, practise and enjoy the process!


  1. You are so good at this, Diane! And I *adore* the stamps, well done you xx

    1. Thanks Suse! Coming from you that means a lot!

  2. I Follow You scripts on instagram, and I am amazed, but this combo here!!!!! Brilliant!