Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pocket Pages Journaling with Mira

It's Mira today (Pocket Life journaling maniac!) to share my journaling process with You Guys!

First - I have a question: Do You write stories in Your Pocket Albums a lot?
Actually there are more questions: Do You like it? Do You have some fun tips how to do it? Any good/bad experience? Share it with me! I love writting and I would definitely love to try some new ideas!

I know that some of You would like to write more, but it seems to be too overwhelming! It can be - sure, but when You keep doing it each time - the same way it's easy peasy! Just need to try and find the best way that works for You.

See how I do it...

I'll start with the fact that I work with my pocket pages once a month - for a few days in a row (when the kits arrive!!! :D) so there are a lot of stories that I have to incorporate. Most of them are the funniest stories about our daughter that I want to remember so she could laugh about it with us in the future (isn't that great motivation?).
So how to remember all the stuff that happened? Especially that most of them are a really small details of our days...
Guys! Don't we - as a scrapbookers just LOOOOOVE planners?
So let's create special chapter in there called journaling! You can write the stories in every day section too - this way You will always have it documented chronologically!

Whenever something funny/worth noticing happens in my life I ALWAYS have my idea book open and I am ready to write it down! If don't - I use notepad app on my smartphone to collect the thoughts (when we are travelling)! We have our smartphones with us most of the time, aren't we? We just need to learn to write things down when they actually happen, cause we probably won't remember them at the end of the day (if You can do it - please teach me ;)) Normal people (non scrapbookers - can I call them Mugols?) always laugh when I tell them: "wait a sec! I need to write this down!

So the stories are there - in our planners... What next?

Before I start creating I always check what I gathered on the phone and in my idea book and rewrite it on the computer and then print it (I am not a fan of my handwriting).

How do I like to print it?
It depends on my mood :D

When I have a lot of stories collected I create the whole page covered with journaling and then decorate it. It's easier than dividing everything to fit into the small journaling cards. I did it here to document the details about our daughter when she turned 6 months old:

Those can also be all the stories that happened in the month that You are working on.

I also like to print the stories directly on the cards. 4x6 are the best for that because most of the printers have that format predefined. But I also print the stories on a white A4 format page - I put the text in smaller boxes that I eventually cut out from the page and attach to the colorful cards. Here You have some examples:

I keep the boxes in empty template file (simple text editor will do well) with the font chosen and they are just waiting to be filled with text and printed every month.

Obviously there are also times when I need to write something quickly and then handwriting is accepted as well:

My pocket page journaling process is still evolving and I find it really fun to explore new possibilities. There are still many ideas that I haven't try, but I'm glad that I make this little effort each month to fill my book with the text! I love when my Family laugh when they go through my album - they watch the pictures and always read the stories!

After all it is all about positive attitude, right? There is this one question that You need to ask yourself in order to start doing it: do I want to have that stories written down to be able to read it in the future or I don't?
I do! What about You?
Set Your mind positively and get it done!

Thank You Guys for stopping by and reading. If You have any thoughts or questions, please share them in the comment form! I'd love to hear what is Your experience in this topic!

And don't forget to have fun!

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