Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PL Kit inspiration with Marie-Pierre

Hi everyone!

Today I'd like to share with you how you can let the kit inspire you to create something that was not necessarily on your mind. :)

When I received my PL kit this month I fell in love with the cut dog and cat wood veneers!! I mean, really? Could they be any cuter??? Hmm, unfortunately though, I don't have a cat, nor a dog. lol

So I first started using my kit on my Pocket Life pages and when I was done, the dog and cat wood veneers and the dog and cat papers were still untouched, although very very cute!! So then it came to me: I had animals when I was young, maybe I could do that page I wanted to do for a long time: a page about all the animals I had growing up.

My pictures were old and very different so I changed them all in black and white and I added one main color per animal.

I backed the picture with different patterned papers and added some hand drawn lines in watercolor in the specific color I chose for my journaling. I then added some embellishments.

For the words I cut out letters in one of the patterned paper from the PL Kit. I was lucky to find almost every letter I needed for my page. For some of the letters I had to be creative. For example there was no F so I cut out an E and I tweaked it to form a F.

I also had to be creative for my turtles because I had no picture and nothing in the kit (or in my stash) that I could use to represent them. So I used my best doodling knowledge and a little help from Google and I came up with this little drawing. Good enough.

The small labels are perfect to add a touch of color and to serve as embellishments.

Here are some more close ups of the details.


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  1. I really like you watercolor lines for journaling. Neat!