Thursday, September 25, 2014

What to do with your leftover Kits supplies

Hello, lovely creative peeps. Olya here *waves hand*
Ever have leftover supplies from your kits that you'd like to use but not sure how? Today I will show you how easy it is to make an art journal page using September Pocket Life leftovers.
I've created five 12"x12" pages using our September and Add-On kits and still had so many lovely goodies leftover that I wanted to use. Since art journaling is very hyped up right now, I wanted to show you how easy it is to make a page using nothing but the supplies you have left from your scrapbooking kits, some glue and a pen. Ready? Let's take a look!
Step One: gather your leftover kit supplies, glue, pen and a blank journal. (any blank journal will do).

If you're afraid of "ruining" the pretty notebooks you have, don't be. If you really really can't bring yourself to start on the first page, open it on the second or even fifth page. No stressing, no overthinking.
Step Two: pick any card stock paper and rip it in half or so. Glue it down. Do the same with some patterned paper. I usually use patterned papers from 6"x6" packs for my 4"x6" page pockets so I have a lot of 2"x6" trims from that.

Step Three: word stickers. I wanted my page to be sort of an inspirational advice so I picked the words from Shimelle's new line as well as Heidi Swapp's clear stickers that were almost a guidance kind of words. Step Four: non-words embellishments. I added some hearts and arrows stickers, and rub ons.
Final Step: Journaling. I decided to write down a little quote that I thought went nicely with the rest of the art journal page and the words on it. I also doodled around the word stickers, almost as if those were steps to take to achieve the happiness given in my quote.
And here is a complete art journal page, done with nothing but scrapbooking leftover supplies, pen and glue.

If you were hesitant about art journals before, I hope you're not anymore. It doesn't have to be complicated, heavy of emotional writing, full of paint and gesso or even actual journaling part. (though all those art journals are amazing too). It's just another way to express your creativity, however simple or intricate that may be. Remember there are no rules or judgements and no one has to see it but you. Unless, of course, you want to share your pages, then we would love to see your creations :)

Here's to more ways to use your scrapbooking stash and an upcoming weekend.


  1. thats a great way to show us how to make the most of our leftovers. Please continue doing it, giving us tip on how to use them!

    1. Yay! I'm so happy you found it useful. I'll do my best to come up with other ways to use the leftovers :)

  2. This is awesome, Olya! Thanks for sharing this tip!

  3. This is beautiful! I saw your post on Pinterest! I also have a blog about crafts and travel. I love how colorful and inviting your blog looks!

    1. Thank you so much, Shaina! I'll check out your blog too :)

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