Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kit love with Christin

Hello and welcome to this month’s kit love.  I didn’t have the chance to really dig into my  kit until last weekend when I went to a crop to meet up with lots of nice ladies and a man.  I love going to these small crops, however it’s a nightmare to pack for these events. I dare to show you my bags, but I can show you my table you were I worked with this month’s kit.  I have worked mostly with the main kit and the Embellishment kit, but this month’s I wanted more so I bought all the kits… Click here to see this month's kits and add-ons.

christin gronnslett CTK kit love01

When I go to crops I like to come prepared so I don’t just sit there and look at my bags and don’t really know what I want to do.  The way I work preparing for crops is also something I have started doing at home when I get a kit.   I start by dividing all the papers, embellishments and alphabet into piles and thereby making small minikits for each planned layout and put them in a plastic bag. That way I will see if I miss out on any embellishments.  This month I was lucky enough to have a readymade background that could be used and I picked and embellishments to go with that background.  The colors in the kit this month are light, but I wanted a picture with strong colors so I used a background with hot pink and added all that was pink into that pile.

Here you will see a sneak peek of  the finish layout – the rest of it you can see in the gallery)

christin gronnslett CTK kit love03

Since I didn't have any more backgrounds I started to plan the backgrounds for my next three layouts based on the colors in the papers. I ended up with one with aqua/black tones, one with aqua/grey/black tones and the last with brown/aqua.  

Here is the kit I picked for layout two. (I got a little inspired at the crop and I am sorry that I forgot to show you how I picked out the pieces for layout 2 and 3.  All my layouts are available in the gallery.)

christin gronnslett CTK kit love04

Sneak peek of the finished layout. christin gronnslett CTK kit love06
I usually cover up most of my backgrounds so they are not so visible so here  are a few closeups of the backgrounds used in these minikits.
christin gronnslett CTK kit love02
christin gronnslett CTK kit love05

Last I want to show you my little spot at the crop. I am a very messy scrapper and things tend to take over my desk… (My spot stops before the pink lamp...) Here I have worked with the kit for one evening and one day. (you can see pieces of the kit here and there...) It was a very productive weekend. Not often I end up with 7 layouts in one weekend. This month's kit was perfect for this crop.

christin gronnslett CTK kit love07

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