Monday, September 8, 2014

In the studio with Lucia

Hi everyone! It's my turn today to show you my little crafty space :) 
I've recently moved to a new appartement and I'm actually still unpacking and cleaning... and I'm not talking about decorating! Because that's what my crafty corner desperately needs. At least it's all set - so here it is!

I have to say that i don't particularly like the orange walls and miss the white ones SO much! Hopefully it will get better with some lovely and bright decoration :)

I LOVE when things are clean and organized - so this is how my desk usually looks like. And yes - ALL of my crafty supplies fit in here - I don't really have tons of papers and stuff... I don't use lots of fancy tools and even my layouts are simple. I just love the traditional way of scrapbooking - scissors, glue... and recycling is good, too! Some fabric and paper scraps or even some old music sheets :)
I'm a big fan of throwing things away lol, and using things up - so even my crafty corner is pretty simple - let's have a look!

These are all my 12x12 and 6x6 scrapbooking papers and alpha thickers (on the right). See the white baskets? They are made out of paper, too! And yes, they're my creation :3

Brushes, pens, scissors, pencils - in cans painted white - and paper flowers, fabric buttons and washi tapes in transparent little boxes. I love transparent containters! And there are also some stickers and tags in a little box behind.

Tapes and glue, rulers, watercolors, crop-a-dile, some sewing stuff and threads and more - all fit in one little basket.

Another transparent container with little drawers is perfect for bits, leftovers and other tiny things such as brads, pins, mini woodpegs or confetti.
On the right: WHITE papers! (notepads, cardstock, photo paper, copy paper, tissue paper, you name it!)

Pepsi, my little helper. Or maybe not really.

The drawer contains mainly clear stamps. The snowflake box contains some alpha rubber stamps that I NEVER use. I need to change that.

All the twine.

And the "stamping box", containing rubber stamps, acrylic blocks and stamping pads. If you look closer, it actually also contains DYMO, embossing powders, punches, black ink, wooden alphas (in that box with hearts) and many other things. I'm not messy, I know it's all in here ;)

Here are some fabric scraps and a little box full of sequins and pearls.
And that's it.

I hope you enjoyed, even if  my crafty space is really simple. But this is what works for me.
Have a lovely day :)


  1. You have a really great space Lucia! I actually like the apricot wall (sounds much better than orange ;) and how your supplies are kept to a minimum. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I loved the tour of your new crafting space Lucia. Thanks for sharing!