Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Strategies With Sandy

Welcome to another Monday instalment of Simple Strategies. Today's February Main Kit only layout is designed to feature lots of square format photos (perfect for instagram fans), lots of journaling (ideal for those who love story-telling) and, for anyone who enjoy stretching their kit supplies, only one piece of pattern paper.

Munich Cafe
Lately I've been interested in achieving various effects on my pages through pattern paper manipulation and this Printshop Criss Cross paper is a perfect candidate for experimentation. Using only skinny, little slivers of the paper allows me to get three different looks from this one paper. Nothing is wasted, I've even used the 0.5"inch label strip, turning the Studio Calico logo into an organic flourish pattern.

You can easily reproduce this look with little strips of pattern paper. However if, like me, you enjoy the subtle, depth effect of layering underneath your cardstock, you'll need a sharp penknife. Start by cutting one window from your cardstock and layering a generous amount of pattern paper underneath. Then cut an adjacent window, this time through two layers of paper, before layering the second pattern beneath. This method of working allows me to position windows where ever I like on the page without having to worry about how to secure the pattern underneath.


Hope everyone enjoys playing with their February Kits as much as I did !  


  1. This is gorgeous with a striking design! I love what you did with that one piece of patterned paper! Genius!