Thursday, June 13, 2013

Be Inspired

Hi, here is Amelie. For this “Be inspired” layout, I took as a starting point several images found on the web.

I'm first out of this combo of colors: Combo Seeds pictureLien:

M (1)

Et de ce design :


And for embellissements :


So I take a white background which I layered several bands of different papers. I sewed some of these bands for a finished look. I put my embellishments in alignment with these bands for a very graphic style like stars. I also want to add some gold color with the chevrons and gold band of paper). The envelope and the little heart embellishments are handmade. For this layout I used Add-ons kit and I can see you some embellishments from previous kit, the gold paper is from a previous kit too.


Are you inspired by this layout?


  1. I am very inspired by this layout!! Normally I think neutrals are so boring, but this layout proves me wrong! I love so many elements of this!!

  2. J'aime aussi beaucoup ton combo de couleurs un peu inattendu et ta superbe mise en page! Bravo pour le résultat!

  3. Really like the colors in this one!

  4. Well done Amelie! I love your inspiration for this page and hope we'll see other layouts inspired by this post in our soon-to-be new gallery, launching very soon.

  5. I LOVE this color scheme. So gorgeous Amelie! :)