Saturday, April 10, 2021

3-to-Inspire with Ingunn

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am not anywhere near ready to let move on from the Travelogue collection yet, so for this week’s 3-to-Inspire, I’m back with another spread from my Mount Rainier 2020 album.

This time I am changing it up a little bit – instead of three specific types of products, I am calling this “3-to-In...gunnstepsalittlebitoutofhercomfortzone”.

1)    (1)  Document something you usually don’t // When I scrapbook vacations, I have a tendency to only focus on the adventuring parts – the hiking/swimming/touristing etc. But! I’ve noticed that my kids often reminisce about where we slept, not just our forays out into the world. They talk about the excitement of sleeping in a new bed, of a break in the routine, and they notice so many little details of where we’re staying than I do. In honor of that, I am including a section about our rental cabin in this album, and I hereby challenge you to document your hotel or Air BnB or whatever it is next time you are scrapbooking a trip!


2)   (2)   Use a color you normally avoid // I keep noticing more and more black scrapbooking embellishments around, but I tend to steer clear of them because I'm worried they'll be so dominant that they steal your attention away from the photos (and I am all about the photos). However, I can no longer resist, because the products are just too cute. In order to soften the blow of stepping out of my comfort zone, I decided to pair the black die cuts with my favorite color, also known as “any and every shade of turquoise” – I used a digital card & digital TN page (cut down) from Travelogue + a couple of the puffy heart stickers.

3)   (3) Stamp directly onto a photo // Dun-dun-DUN! This is probably something most scrapbookers do all the time, so you’re gonna think I’m a total weenie, but for someone who tends to pre-design most of her spreads digitally, well…the innate imperfection and uncontrollability of stamping, especially directly onto a photo *insert gasping emoji*, is very hard.

*braces self*

*drinks a sip of wine*

*just goes for it*


Ta-da! Okay, so this was admittedly a very small stamp, but I promised myself that I am going to work on actually using my stamps this year instead of merely hoarding them (especially this set, because it kind of feels like it was designed for me and my nature-loving heart), and this is a good first step. I also like how this added some additional black next to the turquoise heart, so that I have a visual triangle of black/turquoise across the spread.

*pats self on back*

*glances over at my dog on the couch in hopes of a sign of approval of my brave stamp usage*

*realizes I should probably not have any more wine tonight*

I hope I’ve managed to inspire some of my fellow scrapbook weenies (I know you’re out there, I simply cannot be the only one!) to try breaking out of your own box. If I have, please let me know and leave a link to your project in the comments!



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