Saturday, January 9, 2021

3 to Inspire| Tell your 2021 stories

Hello friends! Happy Saturday everyone! It's the weekend YAY! And this is the second weekend of the year, a fresh start, a new beginning, in this time of the year I feel full of strenght , of good purposes and I would like to start new projects, to come back to good habits and to work to be happy every single day! 

The past year has been so hard in many different ways for each of us around the world so my intentino this year is to treasure what I have learned and so to focus on the good, the good in life, in every situation, in people surrounding myself and my family with people who improve me. I want to spend what is called the  quality time!

Quality time? It's the time spent with my family, reading a good book, playing with my kids, cooking a new recipe, take exercises, eating well and of course creating and telling my everyday stories! Creativity is make me happy and free! Writing my feeling down I feel better with myself, I feel myself.

Today these are the 3 to inspire you to create your pages telling your stories:

  1. EPHEMERA| from the amazing  packages of die cuts to alphabet stickers, tickets to the gorgeous digitals you find in the shop.
  2. STAMPS | Those little and meaningful phrases that give something different to your pages, I love to use stamps to underline a thought, a phrase.
  3. JOURNALING| Focus your attention on the story, what you would like to remember, what are your intentions for this upcoming year, your dreams, your goals, what did you learn from the past 2020? Write it down, use your computer or your typewriter or simply your handwriting and feel free to write down what you have inside.

To create these pages I used the beautiful TN NEW STARTS digital pages and some from NEW STARTS digital elements from January release. At the "hello" page I have stitched some different dies from the digitals and just added some phrases from the GET MESSY 6x8 stamps. Then I added my story in the perfect TN page and I finished my first pages just using one of my favorite page protector size with the last picture of the 2020 and some little details.

I focus always on the picture and my story and then all the tiny details I add are there for a reason , they all have a meaning, a precise meaning when I create my pages. I don't know if you can feel what I feel when I tell my stories, but these little pieces make me happy, it's pure magic, this is what I know when I create and tell my stories and especially when I look back at them going through my albums.

Hope to have inspired you and can't wait to see your pages :)

Love, Lory

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