Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial with Veera

It’s Veera here today to share my tips and tricks for creating your own traveler’s notebook insert. I love the format of traveler’s notebooks and creating your own inserts is really easy. All you need is blank papers, pattern paper for the cover and some embellishments.

For the inside pages I use white copy paper that is a bit thicker than normal copy paper. The reason for this is that I don’t want writing or stamping to see through on the other side. The paper I use is 120 g/m2. I folded the papers in half and cut the pattern paper I want to use as cover. At this point I’m not cutting everything to a correct size, rather having all the paper to be a bit larger than the final size. I try to be modest with the number of inside pages as I know that I will be adding on to this book (photos, embellishments etc) so I want to make sure that the insert itself isn’t too bulky already.

The next step is to bind the book. I used staples but you can even sew your pages together, whatever works for you.

The next step is to cut everything to the right size. The reason for cutting everything at this stage is to get a clean edge. If you would cut the pages first and the folded and binded, the edge wouldn’t be straight. I used my paper trimmer to cut the edge at this point.

The last and final step is to add embellishments to the cover. This is optional but highly recommended to make the insert even prettier! When I’m adding the embellishments to the cover I try to adhere everything carefully so that everything will be in place once I have finished using this book.
I hope you'll try creating your own traveler's notebook inserts!

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