Monday, August 21, 2017

Why do You create albums?


It's Mira Jurecka here today!
Imagine long autumn or winter evenings that are coming. Isn't it a great time to recollect old, good days, sunny holiday or our childhood stories!? When we come back from a trip, I always spend an hour looking at photos and selecting my favorites. I print them afterwards and they go straight to the album. Why? For today I gathered a few reasons that motivate me to create our family albums.

1. Building relationships with individual family members. Looking at the album together is the best way to start a conversation with the people that we love. Apparently children who see themselves in the pictures next to the other family members realize that they are important part of the family. Sometimes, during some emotionally difficult times such a knowledge may be of gold! Recalling our own failures from childhood with children allows them to better deal with their own problems! It also gives the impression that their parents were also children, also made mistakes, lived and struggled with problems! And now we have a thread of agreement!

2. Memory is fleeting - especially when we have a baby that changes very fast and delivers millions of stories to remember! Album motivates me to record those moments, chopping pics day by day! Without an album I would not remember tons of stories about my daughter! And I would not see her changing so fast.

3. Watching the pictures in album is comfortable, and when our photos are taken chronologically - it is easy to get back to specific moments, specific holidays, years or events. The form of album is definitely better than the stack of photographs, buried somewhere in the bottom of the box, which (probably in accordance with some physical law) like to break up, mix and change the order of photographs.

4. The album is also a pleasure to watch for the people who visit us - family, friends - they are often part of it! They are part of our lives and our memories! Sharing the album with them allows me to deepen our relationship as well, because in our albums we tell stories that may be the beginning of further conversations.

5. The risk that our photos will die because of a computer disk failure does not exist! So we don't have to worry about loosing our pictures.

6. And following this quote: "If adventure does not wait on the doorstep - climb out through the window", in extreme cases, the album can motivate us to go out and do something interesting! This is a bit weird and may seem artificial, but it works! Whatever motivates us to make sure our daily life is exceptional - it is worth recommending!

And You? What are the benefits of creating the albums that You found? Be sure to share your opinions with us!

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