Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial with Brenda

Good Morning!  Welcome to this weeks super simple but fun tutorial.

I LOVE simple pages.  I am pretty sure everyone knows that already.  haha  One of my favorite things to do when creating pages is to make the title really stand out.  Sometimes I use several alphas or hand drawn word, even stickers to make my title pop.  This time I wanted to make my own paper letter title.  It looks so much harder than it is.  I promise.

Start by choosing your photo, elements and the papers you want to use for the title.

Now for the fun part.
Draw the letters on the paper you chose.  One color for each letter.

Thankfully some of the letters could be turned over because I ended up using the other sides once I put the letters all together.

Once you decide on where you want your title to go, lay out the rest of your page.

And that is it.  Just a quick, simple and fun way to take your simple page to another level.

I hope this little tutorial inspires you to make your own custom titles for your pages.  I think this will be one of my new go to ways to jazz up my pages.

Have a wonderful day!

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