Saturday, December 31, 2016

3 to Inspire with Aimee

How lucky am I? I got the Christmas Day post AND the New Years Eve post. Better yet - I scored the last 3 to inspire of the year. So lets aim for a fresh start and a real challenge to send the year off in style shall we? Here are your 3 prompts.

1. Mix your patterns.
2. Use a product your not hugely fond of.
3. Use an up an entire packet of embellishments.

I often struggle with the mixing of patterns. It's certainly easier to manage when working on a base of white cardstock but I really wanted to challenge myself. So instead I choose to layer my spots, stripes and woodgrain. I think in this case it really works because they all share the mint green colour.

I'm just going to come out and say it. I hate cork... and burlap, but thats another story. I admit Pink Paislee certainly made it better with the gold glitter, but it's never going to be my go to embellishment. It really does suit this layout though. It added blog and detention but without adding a ton more colour. I'm glad I saved the packet after all.

Finally I used up the last of my Pink Paislee Puffy Stickers from this months Embellishment Kit. I must confess it wasn't a 'full packet' when I started the layout. There was just over half a packet maybe, but if feels so good not to have to find a home for it not that it's time to break this months kit down. So you can relax, the embellishment police are going to come knocking if it isn't a full packet. I will however award bonus points for more than one packet. Wink, Wink! 

Now go forth my beautiful little twisties and create!Use the three prompts to create your own projects and share them with us here in the gallery and/or our Facebook Forum.  I really can't wait to see how they all turn out.

Aimee Xx

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