Thursday, November 10, 2016

In My Studio with Aimee Dow

So here is the thing, I know I am super lucky to have a dedicated studio all to myself. I realise that there are many, MANY people out there who don't have that luxury and often looking at studio tour posts can be it's own weird form of torture. Take for example Emma studio. It's so pretty and immaculate even when it's messy. Yeah... you should know mine is nothing like that. It's more of a work in progress. So for todays post I'm going to keep it super real. And when I say super real, what I really mean is I did nothing. No tidying or decorating. No photo editing took place here, because frankly it irks me a little that we are all a little green eyed for each others made up social media lives. This is my stand. Messy studio and all.

Before Eva was born I had massive Studio pride. We lived in another house and my studio had 2 huge bay windows and ton of natural light. It was even featured in Ikea magazine here in Australia. Then when Eva was 6 months old we moved into a bigger house. In the new house my studio is much larger but with a lot less light. There are however some other benefits. 

As you walk in door, (oh wait, I should first mention there is no door. This used to be the old lounge room and so it's really more an open door way off the kitchen that we have baby gated) there are 3 alex units. At one end sits my 12x12 papers organised by brand at the other Mount Washiton. No that's not a miss print, it really is a ton of washi. 

The first set of Alex draws holds all my kits. As you can see this months Scrapbook and Sprinkle kits. I keep the kits together for 3 months and then they get broken down in to my stash.

The second set of Alex draws holds loose embellishments. Think Veneers, acrylic pieces, twine, ribbons, etc.

The third set of Alex draws holds my shame. I have an embarrassing large collection of ephemera packs. The ones with plastic wrap over them are the ones that haven't even used since the move.

In the corner of the room is one of the perks of my new studio. A mantel! I've never had one before. Not going to lie, it sure is fun to decorate. The fire place doesn't actually work, but Eva really enjoys playing in there.

Next to the fireplace and on the wall opposite to my desks is a large set of french doors that open out onto a veranda that wraps around our house. Eva prefers to play out there when I'm scraping and it lets in a lovely breeze. 

On the wall behind my desks has a bookshelf and and my kallax unit. 

I try to keep them organised, but you know, little hands...
It's always worked best for me if I corral like things together.
Here my random packet embellishment bin:

And the sticker basket:

6x6 Pads:

And my Alpha collection:

They are all within easy reach of my desk. 

I have a messy desk and a clean one. My messy desk holds my current stamps and all the little bits and pieces I want to use up. It's also got my cutter and craft mat because I'm notorious for making do with whatever is in arms reach and then I staining my desk or massacre my paper.

Speaking of which, because I scrap standing up, I keep all my other essentials (favourite ink, date stamps, tags and glue) in the top of my Raskog cart. This makes it super easy for me to move them around the desks as I do. The bottom two shelves these days are filled with things Eva can play with and that pretty much wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed your look inside my real life studio.

Aimee Xx


  1. Love it it's so beautiful. Just wondering where you get the black baskets from??! Thanks. M xxx

  2. Messy?! Girl, I don't think you know what messy is. You aren't invited over to my house. LOL! Such great pics and organization ideas! TFS your beautiful space!

  3. I would also like to know where you got those beautiful 6 x 6 baskets, I've been looking for one for my pads that are that size forever and I've never been successful, soon I hope to have a room somewhat as pretty as yours, awesome job!