Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Be prepared for December - Tuesday tutorial

Hello Everyone!

It's Mira and in today's post I would like to talk a bit about being prepared for December. It's almost here! Yay! Aren't You excited? It's the best time of the year and most of us just can't wait to start creating everyday magic plus capturing and documenting it in our albums.

December album can be sometimes overwhelming, so today's Tuesday Tutorial edition will be focused on some tips that I believe can help You start the album and actually finish it!

So, how can we be prepared for December-album journey?

1. Create a little space where You can put Your selection of December supplies and stick with this selection for the whole month

Or at least try :) By choosing things in advance, You can avoid walking through all of Your supplies later. It'll keep You sane and save Your time!

You can for example choose the goodies from Your own stash based on a specific color scheme - this is exactly what I've been doing for the last four years!

I especially love using things from previous CTK kits in my DD album, and this is my second year with white and gold tones as a dominant. So for a few last months I've been selecting most of the gold and wood elements from the kits and put them aside. This year I will probably add some red and turquoise accents here and there (oh so lovely Snow & Cocoa!).

Another way to collect stuff for Your Special December Box can be just by ordering a few December kits from Citrus Twist Kits, which I believe You already did, and stick with what's inside the packages! This will make Your creating process a lot lot easier!

2. Prepare foundation pages

You can have the number cards/pages ready in November, and I promise - nobody will call You crazy (at least nobody from the scrapbooking world). Place them in Your album and change their order later with absolutely no guilty feelings. Also if it helps, try to think about the topics that You would like to cover in Your album and when. Maybe planning what You'll be doing on weekends could help?

3. Prepare some embellishment clusters

Combining different elements and sticking them together can be real fun. It is also quite relaxing activity! Especially when You want to do something nice with paper and scissors, but You don't have pictures to work with.
When You'll have Your pictures printed in December, You'll just add these and voila! No mess involved!

4. Keep it simple 

As simple as possible.
Let's be honest. During December, there's not much time for paper projects. There are many other things to do. For example baking ginger-bread house or... skating (my favorite winter activity!). Or cuddles! It's so much better to spend our time with people that we love, than alone... so maybe trying this new technique that You've been wanting to try for a very long time, would not be the best idea now? Just think about it, and don't expect too much from Yourself. And You'll definitely manage to finish Your album. Or maybe all family members can help with a few pages? Maybe it will turn into Your family little tradition?

5. Have fun! Always have fun!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this post will keep You motivated and at the end of December You will be happy to share Your December Album with us!

Have a fantastic month full of magic!


  1. Fun tips, I especially love tip #3 to create some embellishment clusters! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank You Emily! Yep, this trick saved a lot of my time last year!