Monday, April 13, 2015

In My Studio with Emma Wood

Hi everyone!

Emma here to share a walk-through of my new office (studio) space.  Warning! This post is really photo heavy!  I thought you would all prefer to see the photo's than read alot of my babbling :)

We recently renovated our house (started October’ish last year, finished February of this) and I was incredibly fortunate to be able to get my own room to scrap in! Before I start with the photo’s I should preface this by saying that Ikea features a bit…. I have a serious love for that store ;)

Below is what you’ll see when standing in the hallway looking into my room.

 To the left of the room is my computer desk and the Expedit unit that stores a little of this and that. 


The shelves of the Expedit unit hold my papers, letterpress, inks, paints, Big Shot, my 12x12 albums (which are mostly Project Life, but I actually scrapped 12x12 when I first started out), baskets full of washi/alphas/punches/stamps/scrap paper, etc.


The wire baskets above are from Kmart I think and those white tubs are…IKEA!

My computer desk has my computer (duh!) and Cameo. The small wire basket in the middle holds all my Project Life “stuff”. It’s full of all those bits and pieces you accumulate to put into Project Life. Currently that basket is…full. I REALLY need to go through it all and figure out what I’m keeping and what I’m not. I’ve taken a more relaxed approach to Project Life this year, instead of going week by week I’m filling in pages whenever the mood strikes and I may be taking the relaxed style a little too literal..

The yellow bird on the table is one of Zack's easter eggs that he gave to me because the Easter Bunny didn't leave me any.  Sometimes he is a real sweetie.  Sometimes :)


In the centre of my room is where I do all my actual crafting. I’ve set the table heights for both desks so I can stand or sit and I switch between the two often. Having the table in the middle is also really handy when friends come over; we just put a chair on the other side and they are set to scrap with me!


On my desk you’ll find an assortment of small bowls, most of them are actually little ramakin bowls from the kitchen department. I’m very much a visual scrapper (if I can’t see it then I won’t use it and I have a horrible memory for remembering what I do have) so I love these bowls; not too big and I can easily see all those little bits and pieces!


I keep all my tools in this wire basket. I have no idea where I got it from but I do know the only reason I brought it was because it’s in the shape of a heart, ha! 


On the window sill next to me I have more containers/baskets/bowls with random things like labels, photo’s, PL cards (that need to be filed away), Neocolours and random die-cuts.


Under both desks I have as set of Ikea Alex drawers that store more of my “stuff”. I’ve shared this before but each month I put the kits onto these serving trays (yes, from Ikea..). When I’m working on a layout using a kit they are easy to take out of the drawers and leave on the desk. And when I’m done at the end of the night, I just put everything back on the tray and file it away.


The Alex drawers can hold so much and the drawers are the perfect height; not too high that you have to pile things and then can’t see what’s on the bottom! Couple examples below:


Older smaller embellishments I put into these storage cases, they’re actually designed to be used for screws and whatnot (got them from the hardware section) but I find them perfect for storing die-cuts/veneers/veneers/etc. They keep everything together and when I want to rifle through them, I just take the container out and put it on the desk, then close it up and put it away when I’m done!


In front of my work desk I have an old kitchen hutch that we spray-painted white (it was a lovely orangey pine colour before…) and to the right of that is my loved sewing machine. After the computer, it’s my next absolute can’t-live-without-it tool to create pages :)


The hutch is also another favourite of mine and it holds A LOT of random things! I keep all my 6x8 albums here at the moment, plus more baskets full of goodies.


And that’s it for now. If you made it all the way to the end of this post, then you deserve a high five - this ended up alot longer than I expected ;)

Thanks so much for visiting with me and if you have any questions, please post here and I’ll do my best to get back to you straight away!


  1. Thank You So Much for sharing your beautiful, awesome , wonderful, nice and CLEAN scrap room !!!
    I am a little (LOT) envy now :) So lovely! Hugs Anna :)

    1. Thanks so much Anna :) Took a few years to get my own room (not to mention living in a caravan while we renovated..) but so happy to have my own space now! (PS, it's not always so clean, ha!)

    2. Ah such a beautiful studio! Envy here too, it's fun to look ath sour photos.

  2. not only high five! I am moving in hahaha :) Beautiful Space!

    1. Haha, if only you were a local.. ;) Thanks so much!

  3. You have such an amazing space Emma! Love, LOVE it. I'm planning a small upgrade of my room soon so you can bet I'm pinning these images right away! I only wish we had an Ikea here in NZ.

    1. Thanks Diane! Ikea is awesome, love it. My bank account does not though ;)

  4. Awesome space Emma - love it. White and clean! Thank you for sharing your amazing space.

  5. It's like you've climbed into my head and taken photos of my dreams... beautiful xx

    1. Thanks Suse! Spent many (maaaanyyy) hours on Pinterest looking at other people's dreamy spaces for when I could finally get my own :) Still things I'd like to add but it's a happy space to be in!