Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Sketch with Karen

It's Karen here today with your Friday Pocket Life sketches. For my Project Studio Life 2015 I'm using the 6x8 format that I love because it is a great size to work with. These pocket layouts were created using the April PL kit and PL embellishment kit.

Here are you sketches for the week, starting off with side a: -

Then side b, this sketch was based on a 6x8 mini layout, I love adding these to my PL, you could also do the same on a 4x6 PL card: -

Here are two pages from my Pocket Life pages:

Have fun with your PL pages this week!



  1. Such a Fun spread! Love how you stitched the pattern paper letters to the card.

  2. Thanks Maren, I love stitching!!! x