Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial with Our Guest Sandra AKA Fearless

Good Morning.

Fearless ( here today to share with you my photo tutorial using fantastic April Kit.

I have had so much fun putting this all together for you, the photo is of me and my soulmate on our way back from the trip we took down to London this year.

1.  Using March kit please cut 2 papers (seen) to approx 2 squares and glue it down to white based provided in kit.

2. Using any kind of floral (or any kind of different pattern, it's up to you!) stencil just spray using orange or yellow mist/pain in the right/middle of our pink fresh paper.

3. Using any kind of tags you might have just glue 2 of them down in approx place where I have. Than using a black ink pen just draw around it and around the pink paper which is under the pink fresh one.

4. Time to get our photo in the right place, but just before that add some flowers, it can be any kind (paper, handmade, ready made etc) + the ones you have included in Citrus Twist Scrapbooking Kit. Once you do it, place the photo on it as well as seen on photos below and again using black ink pen please draw around the photo (best be square )

5.  Time to do my favorite part: paints and decorations. Using any type of similar embellishments (some of it comes from Citrus Twist Kit March Pocket Life Kit) some of it comes from my own stash, try to add it around the places I have, than using a gold paint (available in Citrus Shop) just add it in two places as seen on photos with a tiny bit of black ink on the top of it and some stamping around (on the top of the photo) using paint brush or mists just do some random drops around with paint (remeber to cover the photo!)

it's all done!

Now it's time to show you some closer looks so you can see it better:

Material List:
Scissors, Glue, Black Ink Pen, 1 Mist/paint spray,  Citrus Twist Kit PL kit, March, 1 Stencil (any kind of your choice), Citrus Twist Scrapbooking Kit, April Main, Gold Paint, any kind of your own stash embellishments.

(Most can be purchased in Citrus Twist Store here!) [link to store]

Thank you so Much for popping down today.




  1. it's amazing, so inspiring! thanx for sharing :)

  2. it's amazing, so inspiring! thanx for sharing :)

  3. I love how colourful this turned out!