Friday, December 26, 2014

Pocket Life With Sam

Hello everyone! I hope you have a blessed holidays and enjoy your weekend with your loved one. This blog post is supposed to be Pocket Life pages but I decided to skip making traditional PL pages and switch to making December Daily album only. Last year DD album was an epic fail as I simply could not mane 2 albums (a PL album and another DD album) + I do not take so many seasonal photos too. (As you know, I live in Asia ;))

Since last year December Daily album was an epic fail with only a few pages made, so I decided to use the same album which is a Studio Calico Handbook that I have already altered and decorated. So this save up a lot of time and I simply add pages of December 2014. FYI, this year DD might be another failed projects too but at least I have already made pages till Day 11th, but I have yet to print any photos (because my printer is currently running out of ink!)
'DD 2014-1

I really love the album cover that I made last year so I really don't mind squeezing in 2013 & 2014 DD pages into one album.

'DD 2014-2

And here are the simple pages that I have made - yet to add photos + journaling. Simplicity is the way to do during this busy season / year-end =)

'DD 2014-3

I added a post card that my IG friend sent to me. It's pretty sad this year as this is the only Christmas card I have received + I literally sent out none!

'DD 2014-4

'DD 2014-5

'DD 2014-6

'DD 2014-7

Its simple and do-able right? I h ope you enjoy peeking into my not-so-completed December Daily album ;) Happy holidays!


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