Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tueday Tutorial from our Guest Steffi Ried

I have a big passion for mini albums, they are my absolutely scrapbooking favorites. I love it. I like to create about the themes travel / trips, seasons, moments or favorite things. It gives you so many options for creating a mini album and I like it to look at it with my family. Therefore I will show you a tutorial about a mini album today which is easy and quickly to make.

Let´s begin :-)

The album includes 6 double pages. With one folder and a pocket. So there is enough space for a lot of pictures. First I selected the papers which fits perfectly to the photos. I matched the papers to my picture because of the colors. I like it when all matches together in harmonically. Next I cutted and folded the papers.

You cut 4 papers to 4 inch tall and 6 inch across. After that you fold the papers at 0,5 inch from the left

For the folder, you cut one paper to 4 inch tall and 9 inch across. Next you fold the paper at 0,5 inch and 6 inch from the left.

With the next paper we create a pocket. You cut the paper to 4 inch tall and 11,5 inch across. You fold the paper at 0,5 inch and 6 inch from the left . As seen on the picture you make a diagonal cut.

Now you fold the paper and sewing around. But not sewing the 0,5 inch edge. Be aware that you don´t sew into the 0,5 inch area. I hope, you can see it on the photo :-)

Now all papers are ready and you can put them together the way you want it.

I glued the papers with double-sided adhesive tape. Put the tape on the outside of the paper and glue it together with the previous page.

For the cover I used the brown cardstock from the kit and cut it for the front and the last page to 4 inch tall and 5,5 inch across. I painted these with white acrylic color and I glued the cover on the pages.

Now you can fill your mini album with photos, embellishments, tickets. And here is my complete mini album. I made this with some pictures from a great day in Munich.

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