Monday, December 8, 2014

In my Studio with Kasia

Hello! I hope you all enjoy the start of new week! Today I'd like to share with you some pictures from the place where I love to spend my free time- my little creative corner. We set it up in the sitting room and well it has both pluses and minuses. I love the fact that I don't separate myself in other part of the house and can enjoy time at my desk while my husband is around doing his stuff in the same place. As my table is in our living space I'm also more motivated to keep it tidy and organized. And I can enjoy all the Christmas decorations we have around right now!


I keep all my favorite supplies on the table, here is the place for stickers, scissors, washi tapes and pens as well as for my silhouette portrait- I use them a lot so I want them to be accessible. I keep the patterned papers and other things in the boxes and baskets under my desk.


I like to have some inspiration next to me and as these days I try to create in an offline mode- without a computer next to me- I arranged some bits and pieces hanging above my desk. It's like the small moodboard which I like looking at!



Other inspiring things which motivate me to be creative? past favorite projects. I arranged some cards and December albums next to me so I can always grab them and look through them when I need to call my mojo. It works for me much better than looking through Pinterest :)


decor 9

I like to have things organized and keep on my desk the projects which I'm working on currently. I arranged the PL Christmas Daily kit in a basket, added some favorite bits and pieces from December kits and this way I'm always ready to create with them when I have some spare time.


The scrapbooking products are so pretty and inspiring themselves that I keep them out a lot- I don't need to hide them, they make part of my home decor too :)

HOL2 800px

creative december4

And speaking of the studio- my table is covered with Christmas Daily album which I'm working on now! What is on your tables this month?

HOL1 800px

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