Monday, October 6, 2014

In My Studio with Christin

Christin here, hello and welcome to my scrap studio. I have my scrap room in the basement and although it is pretty big, the lighting isn't perfect and even with studio lamps I am not happy with the lights for making videos. When we moved in the room was installed with a dimmer so I can't have big lights in the ceiling. (yet) All my white furniture are from Ikea and a lot of the boxes too...  Glad to have Ikea only 30 minutes away.

Here you can see my corner. I am NOT very good at getting rid of stuff, but I give away things to the day care and the schools after-school program once in a while.

scraproom02 I like to keep as most things that I might use as close as possible, I hate moving around in the room to find things.I keep most things on a shelf next to me. scraproom04

I have labeled most of my boxes with shipping tags


I keep my latest CTK embellishments in a plastic box and the things from kits that would work with PL I put in another box.

scraproom part 2 02

Most of my flairs are stored in metal boxes

scraproom part 2 01

I keep sequins and wood veneers in plastic containers like this.

scraproom part 2 04

In my Alex drawers I have some drawers with just mess, others I have sorted with paint, stamp pads or thread.

scraproom part 2 03

Stamps that are used all the time go in a box like this. I would go crazy puting them back all the time since I one evening might use 10 of them 4-5 times each....

scraproom part 2 05

My stencils goes in this Ikea container


When I go to crops I put papers and embellishments in these and put in a tote.

scraproom part 2 06

Some of my washi go in my small Expedit. The rest are put in other boxes.


I share this room with two kids and have set up three stations for them. One if they want to watch a movie on my computer (I have a separate screen on my side, not an extra computer) which is the extra table next to my table. Then there is the table in the middle of the room where they can sit and draw/stamp/something else together. And behind that table is the TV spot where they watch TV or play on the Wii U.  (the lady and the dog on the wall is embroidery I did years ago before I found scrapbooking. In the white boxes to the left I sort out other hobbies and stuff for altering + like pearls and fabric

scraproom part 2 07

Showing off my studio was a very big inspiration to clean it up a little, my 5 year old LOVES to cut up pieces of paper or use washi tape on paper pieces and my floor is often covered in all of this. They also bring lots of toys down here.  I am also getting better at cleaning out my desk after I scrap, it works better when I have a designated place to store things.   Since I often work on 4-5 projects at the same time I tend to use up a lot of space...


  1. What a fabulous that you can share it with your kids....& the white baskets all labelled....puts me to shame. It's all so lovely and neat and matching. YUM!!!

  2. Looks wonderful Christin! As I remberber your last one, I think this has developed a bit. Not only by some more stuff ;) I wish I had your nice order... Mine is to small and looks like a mess most times ;)

  3. Wow - this is amazing! Love all the great storage solutions!