Thursday, October 23, 2014

Freestyle Mini Album with Kasia

Hi! It's Kasia here today to share with you a new mini album made with just one of October kits! To build this mini I worked with the "Pretty Pieces" add on. The kit is so full of amazing goodies that I didn't have any problems to make my album and there are still so many pieces left for me to use!
I was inspired by all the beautiful colors and wanted to repeat them through the book so I grabbed some of my acrylic paints and had mixed media fun! I ended up with rather messy, freestyle mini book for you this month! Have a look:
CTK oct mini Kasia 1

CTK oct mini Kasia 2

CTK oct mini Kasia 3

CTK oct mini Kasia 5

CTK oct mini Kasia 6

CTK oct mini Kasia 7

CTK oct mini Kasia 8

CTK oct mini Kasia 9

CTK oct mini Kasia 10

Did you like this freestyle mini album? If so you can try some of the below tricks while working on your own!

1. Mix some big photos into your mini albums design- they will balance the colorful and busy pages and bring more attention to the story you want to share;
2. Don't be afraid to stamp/stitch/glue things on your pictures- make them pop by adding things or techniques directly on the photos;
3. Recycle (or upcycle!)- as you can see on the pages of my mini I included some pictures of the embelishments which came from the package as well as the bag the embellies were packed in- don't be afraid to recycle;
4. Go bold with your paint- I love soft watercolor look but if you are starting with paint try acrylics- they are much easier on paper (it doesn't wave so much), they give strong, staurated color and they do mix in the most beautiful ways;
5. Have fun- try to make messy, art journal inspired, free style mini and have fun with it! Experiment, make your hands dirty, try new colors and techniques- free your creativity!

CTK oct mini Kasia det1

CTK oct mini Kasia det2

If you create some mini books this month make sure to share them in our gallery and on Citrus Twist Kits fanpage! We would love to see what you came up with while working with October kits!

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  1. I love the crazy vibrant colours :) This mini is so positive :)