Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunshine in My Filofax

Hello there! If you follow me (Sam) on Instagram (@happiescrappie) you will see a lot of planner-related post popping up on your feed. Ah yes, I have gotten my very first planner - A medium sized Kikki K in mint / gold dots back in October 2013 and I am hooked ever since. And my humble collection is slowly growing. When Trina asked me if I could do a blog post about planner, I was so thrilled because I can finally share my obsession with all the CTK dubbers! So here I am, to kick start the very first planner/filofax-related post on CTK blog.

The picture below shows my humble collection of vintage typewriter and planners. And I have two more planners on my way (pre-ordering them from Amazon at really great price but the waiting period is 1-2 months). 

If you are interested in what are the planners that I am using now, watch the video here

This month Citrus Twist Kits has all the fun colours that go so well with Summer themed. It is summer all year long in Malaysia & Singapore but it is still fun to play with all the vibrant colours. I decided to use the leftover from my July Pocket Life kit to make some planner dividers for my Filofax original yellow.

I wanted the background of the divider to be really plain (so that the colour would pop), so I trimmed down 6 pieces of vellums into Personal sized (approximately 3.75 inch x 6.75inch).  I just add some mini cards from Simple Stories and Elle's Studio stickers on the vellum, then laminate the vellum. And it is really easy that I love how the elements look like they are floating on my planner.

You can actually see-thru what's behind the divider.

This divider is made using the die cut from Amy Tangerine dies (which is available at Citrus Twist Store).

Just in case you are wondering, why did I added a thin stripe of washi tapes to the edge. Its not for enforcement the dividers, thats because the stupid me, has forgotten to adjust the gap of the rings on my Rakuten punch, and punch them wrongly and I ended  up with 12 holes on each dividers after punched twice.

 I only spend 15-20 minutes making the dividers and I really like how easy and colourful they are. I hope this post inspires some of you (who are planner nerds) like me use the left over form your Citrus Twist Kits to make your own divider.



  1. LOVE this! I am just trying to decide which planner to use for 2015 and have 2 different ones in my cart, ready to hit "order" is an Erin Condren and the other from Etsy (but very similar). The EC one has little tabs that allow you to hook new pages into the spiral binding, so it's kind of a winner with me. Keep sharing planner stuff, I love it!

    And your vintage typewriters are to die for! I'm on the hunt but keep getting outbid. Did you buy yours at actual stores or online? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this! Yes please to your typewriters! Still on the look out for a well priced one to bring home & put to use!