Saturday, July 26, 2014

Let's Get Digital with Jen Chapin + a free cut file!

jenchapin_ctk July kits (14)
Hey everyone and happy Saturday! As soon as I saw the 5"x7" wood veneer sheet in July's main kit, I knew what I had to do. I had to cut it with my Cameo.

jenchapin_ctk July kits (11)
I decided to go with a star pattern because I wanted to use the negative as well as the positive space. You can actually download the cut file for your own star pattern here!

Some tips for cutting wood veneer in the Cameo:
  • Set your blade depth to 6 or 7. You will need to use the plastic ratchet to do this.
  • Set your cutting speed to low.
  • Use the double cut feature. This will have the blade cut each shape twice, ensuring a clean edge.
  • Make sure your mat is very sticky. If it's not, use some washi tape to hold the edges of the wood down before you cut.
See that heart piece of patterned paper up there? That's actually covering a spot where the Cameo didn't quite do it's job. I think the blade got caught in a section of the wood grain and there was a wonky star that ended up getting cut. It's ok. Just cover it up and move on. :)

jenchapin_ctk July kits (10)
I also wanted to showcase the awesome July add-on stamp. April Joy helped design these with her fabulous calligraphy. I stamped directly on the photo with black ink. It almost looks like I added these words in photoshop but nope, it's a stamp! Love them.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you try this technique with your Cameo soon!

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