Monday, July 14, 2014

In the Studio: Scrap Spaces

Michelle here to share with you a little look into my scrappy place. 

Prior to sharing any photos though, I have to be completely up front with you: I don't keep a lot of supplies on hand.  I am ruthless when it comes to keeping my scrap stuff and creative area neat and organized.  I purge my items regularly and I have no problem giving away supplies that I know I will not use.  This is a result of two things.  First, I have watched way too many episodes of Hoarders on TLC. Second, I do not have my own craft room.  I scrap in the kitchen on an island and my supplies are stored in various spots throughout the house.  I am patiently waiting for one of my three children to volunteer one of their rooms for me, but until then I happily work with what I have!  Here's a glimpse into how I store my scrap supplies.

Crafty Space 9

All of my storage containers are clear, so that I can easily see what is inside.  I recently sorted my paper by color and I am optimistic that this will work out, we'll see. I like to store my embellishments by type.  For example, I like to keep my bulkier items all together in their packaging in one container. In another container, I mix up all of my diecuts and chipboard pieces together so that I can easily sort through and find what I am looking for.

Scrap Space 3
This is where I keep what I call my "layering stuff."  Tags, diecuts, labels, doilies, ect.  When I am in the first stages of making a layout I put this basket out so that I can readily pull from it whatever I need. These are my scrapbooking staples, basic items that I can easily match with other products and kits.
Scrap Space 6
All of my small embellishments are sorted into divided containers.
Scrap Space 7
Flair and sequins, sorted by color.
Scrap Space 8

I store my Citrus Twist Kits in Iris containers.  This makes it super easy for me to keep my kit together and if I need to clear up my space real quick, I can just pop everything into the box, layouts included, and put it away.
So there you have it, a peek into how I organize my scrappy space.    


  1. This look really nice and organized! I love the small embellishment container :)

  2. Super organized and cute! I admire you for the ability to "let go". I can't. When is that show on? ;P

  3. Thanks! I needed this. I love the idea of putting "layering stuff" together. Also, that's a lot of flair :)