Monday, April 28, 2014

Simple Strategies- Making your mini albums look cohesive with Kasia

Hey guys! Happy Monday! It's Kasia here with new mini album made with the gorgeous April main and embellie add on kits! The topic of this album is all about... stress- or rather my ways to deal with it in the everyday life! I hope it'll inspire you!

APR mini Kasia 1

this book is a little reminder of all the happy activities and things which help me relax. It's also a great way to use random pictures which you might have leftover from other projects...

APR mini Kasia 95

I built my pages on rectangular base and collected them all together with an album binding ring. Want some variety in your mini- crop your pages to various length and throw some tags in between- this way the pages from the back will show and your album will get this extra dimension!

APR mini Kasia 2

APR mini Kasia 4

APR mini Kasia 5

APR mini Kasia 7

APR mini Kasia 91
So as you can see I just listed random things which help me fight the everyday stress and next to the pictures I included some simple journaling. Let's have a look at some ways to make your mini book look cohesive!

APR mini Kasia 94

If you like adding die cuts to your creations grab a piece of paper and cut the shapes before you start working on your mini. Patterns and colors of die cuts repeating through your album will help it to look more pulled together!

APR mini Kasia 6

APR mini Kasia 93

If you are a fan of using medias like paints or mist pick one color which will repeat through your album. It'll visually bind the pages and help the eye jump to the right spots!

APR mini Kasia 8

APR mini Kasia 3

The last idea is focused on your pages titles. If you make this list based mini adding titles to the pages is a cute idea. Use similar letters stickers on each page and you will get this polished and cohesive look!

APR mini Kasia 92

APR mini Kasia 9

Have a happy and colorful Monday and we are looking forward to seeing your minis in our gallery!