Friday, March 7, 2014

Playing with Pocket Life with April

Happy Friday! And happy pocket life day! :)  April here to share my weeks 4 and 5 with you.  [Beware: this is a pretty photo heavy post!]

This year with my pocket life I decided not to force myself into doing a two page spread every week.  Sometimes my weeks are just boring and I don't have much to document, so I'm giving myself a break and letting myself do a one page spread if need be.  (I'm still pretty OCD with having some sort of structure which is why I'm still doing it by pages vs just going with the flow.. lol.)

Anyway, weeks 4 and 5 are an example of this.  Week 4 was pretty low-key, so it was a one page spread.  Week 5 was pretty busy, so it was a 3-page spread!  This month I used the PL kit, PL Embellishment kit, and the pieces from the Main Embellishment kit.


Week 4 (one pager):

Week 5 (1 of 3 pages):

Week 5 (2 of 3) - BTW, look who it is, our very own Nathalie!!

Week 5 (3 of 3):
(PS. That glare on the top left photo isn't because of the way I photographed this spread. It was in the actual photo itself.)

And here's some close-ups from some of my favorite elements from the March kits:





Here are your sketches:

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend, all! :)

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