Monday, March 17, 2014

Simple Strategies with Kasia

Hello and happy Monday! It's Kasia here with a layout created with March main "Fireflies" kit- I loved every single item in the kit and felt seriously inspired when I opened my box! I miss the sunshine and warm weather so all the juicy, warm colors made me really happy- and for today's layout I decided to pull out the shades of yellow from my page and highlight them with some acrylic paint!

bittersweet love Kasia Tomaszewska
Here are some close ups for you- I love layering papers around the photo, it makes it pop the picture so nicely! Also adding a little bit of media makes a page unique and personalized!

bittersweet love Kasia Tomaszewska det1

bittersweet love Kasia Tomaszewska det2

And when it comes to today's Simple Strategy- I want to share with you my little cheat way to add oh-so-trendy brush script to my layout. I'm really happy I've found this way because it's a little bit easier to add small writing with a pen than with a brush. Have a look! 

CTK brush script
I'm using a felt tip pen which I got in the local stationery shop. It has 2 ends- one regular and one which looks like felt brush. I start with a regular tip and write the word with my own handwriting (step 1), than I move on to brush tip and follow the previous line (step 2). And than- practice, practice, practice (step 3:). I'm sure you will find the way to do it which works best for you- try different angle of holding the pen, different paper and different fonts. It's lots of fun to play this way!