Friday, November 8, 2019

Life Crafted with Amy Jo

I'm so excited to be sharing this layout with you today, I have loved the November Life Crafted kit so much, and those letter stickers especially!  I'm so glad I found the right layout to really feature them.
I started with a full 4x8 pocket on the right and a 2 - 3x4 pocket on the left.  It didn't quite give me enough space for all the photos that I wanted to include, so make sure you stay with me and see how I managed to get 3 photos into this layout.

I always get nervous adhering big titles down, especially when they cover up a photo, so I found a great solution, I  put them on a large piece of acetate instead of directly on the photo, so you can see it all together (above) and you can also lift it and see the whole photo (below).  This is a great way to adhere big stickers that you are nervous about, or might want to move around (I trimmed the acetate last so that I would be able to place it right where I wanted).

Here is a look with the acetate fully over onto the left side, so a clear view of my cute little pup!

In order to add the 3rd photo, I made a little flip up with some tape (taped down the long edge) to reveal the last photo of my Mom with Max, and then there is some journaling on one of the cards underneath as well.

The last thing I did to complete this layout was add some puffy stickers, there were so many good ones in this kit that it was harder to choose which ones to leave out than which ones to include!

Thanks for checking out this unique layout in my Life Crafted album!

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