Saturday, August 26, 2023

3 - TO - INSPIRE with Patricia

 Welcome to another 3-to-Inspire here on the Citrus Twist Kits blog!  Patricia joining you today using primarily the ROUTINES digital collection.

My 3-to-Inspire:

  1. print the ephemera on vellum or clear sticker paper
  2. screen shot a song from your phone and insert your own photo
  3. create a title from a song

So you can see right away from the page on the right that the inspiration came from the Taylor Swift Song Fifteen.  I love the transition of doing birthday layouts for my daughter at an older age.  The song and her being older gave me the idea to document her 15th birthday using the song.  I did a screen shot of the song on my phone and then inserted her photo into it.  Printed that as is on photo paper, and had my daughter X out Taylor's name with her own name.  I used Photoshop to insert the photo, but you can use whatever app you own to do the same.

I used the cut file available this month with 'currently.'  I cut that with leftover Citrus Twist Pattern Paper to give it a little bit of color.  The base page that the cut file is attached to is one of the digital papers from ROUTINES.  I had my daughter write down all the things she is currently into and typed them onto the digital paper, then printed it.  So there's a total of 5 layers to that page, with the base digital paper and journaling, the 'CURRENTLY' cut file, vellum, one of the ROUTINES elements printed on clear sticker paper attached to the vellum, then stamping out my song inspired title.  For the title I used Ginger Upper and Lower case alpha stamps, and the Chloe alpha stamp.

I didn't want to add to much more to the right side, but I loved the whimsical look from the photo of my duaghter on her birthday, and printed more of the ROUTINES elements and had them popping out from the top.  The little ladybug was printed on the clear sticker paper.  Hope this gives you some ideas for your next project!  Thank you for stopping by!

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