Saturday, February 6, 2021


Happy weekend, everyone!

I’m back with another 3 to inspire, this time focusing on my favorite part of using Life Crafted albums: how easy it is to layer different sizes! This adds so much interest and it’s just…fun to work with!

So without further ado, my three ingredients this week are:

1)      (1) Different sizes of page protectors

2)      (2) Floral die cuts

3)     (3)  Phrase strips (or phrase die cuts)

For this spread, I decided to use one full-size out of the pocket photo, a 4x8 page protector, and an instax insert. I printed the large photo at 5x8.25 inches, and punched holes directly into it to match the page protectors. 

My square photo and journaling card were printed at 4x4 inches, and I used my Fuse tool to divide the page protector into two pockets. 

Sadly I don’t own an instax camera, but I refuse to let a little detail like that keep me from using those awesome pockets! I printed four photos at 2.15x3.35 inches, then chopped off the outer two pockets of the page protector.

The “vine” floral matched my journaling card perfectly, so I adhered that above my journaling. I added a matching yellow flower to go off the page on my big photo, and then it occurred to me that it would be fun to have the cut-off part continue onto the photo in the instax pocket, so I just glued it down before I had time to rethink it (I’m trying to be more decisive in my scrapbooking. And in my life! But that’s beside the point.). I also added a piece of my last remaining vine piece to my square photo. 

The last step for me was to add my phrases – I happened to find three matching die cuts (I cut one of them out of a larger tag) with phrases that went perfectly with this adventure, so I added that to my floral clusters (and yes, I'm a pretty simple scrapbooker, so this is what amounts to "clustering" in my world, heh).

And just like that, another happy memory was captured inside my chunky little summer album!


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