Friday, November 30, 2018

TN Challenge with Sarah

Hi, everyone!  It's Sarah back today with another TN challenge.

Today's challenge is to use a rainbow or multi-colored color scheme.

The new "Sunshine in my Soul" kit has the most gorgeous colors in it, which makes it easy to create a rainbow color scheme in any of your projects.  I will admit that I typically stick with a 3 or 4 color palette, so this was a fun challenge for me too!  I love how this turned out, and this pop of color in my notebook makes me so happy.

If you're not used to using multiple colors in a layout, I recommend starting with a black and white photo.  Not only will your photo pop off the page since its the only neutral piece, it will also make it much easier to coordinate all of the other elements.

For the left side of my layout I used a paper from the Paige Taylor Evans "Whimsical" line as my background.  I cut the inside out of a couple of the frames using my exacto knife so I could bring a little pop of white to that size.  That white space also gave me some room to add my title.  I balanced this layout out by adding lots of color to the right side of my layout, while keeping the background white.  By keeping the background white, it allowed for the page to still be full without being overwhelmed.  To finish this layout off I added some embellishments here and there to make things even more fun and colorful.

I hope you have fun with today's TN challenge!  Don't be afraid to add a pop of color (or many pops of color in this case!) to your TN :)

Happy Crafting!

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