Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday's PL Challenge | Kristel & Jennie

Hi all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with lots of new special memories to keep.
Today I have a fun Project Life challenge for you which will hopefully give you lots of new ideas for your (Holiday) pages :-)

Since my photos are mainly white, my yellow coat is the first thing that pops up, so I thought it would be nice to use yellow as my main pop of color, combined with neutrals like white, beige, gray and black.

The Pocket Life kit has lots of different colors you can add to any page, so you mostly likely will always find a matching one :-)
But, you can also add your own little touch of color by stitching, for example.

As you can see here, I have stitched some plus signs onto a photo with black embroidery thread.
Don't worry about ruining your photo; just keep enough space in between your stitches and you can create any shape you want.

I also stitched around the diamond shaped label of this journaling card with some yellow embroidery thread; just to add a little more yellow onto this page :-)

My challenge for you is to recreate a page or spread like this by using:
- Only one accent-color; white, beige, gray and black are considered neutrals.
- Any form of stitching onto your photos and/or cards.

Something I always do, but it might not be something you are used to;
To add anything extra, you can print your photos with (small) white borders around them.

Read on to see some close ups and find out what Jennie did with her awesome spread! :-)

Have a crafty weekend and until next time!

Love, Kristel

Hi Everyone! This is Jennie and Kristel just served a challenge! 
This one was a hard one for me, only ONE accent color! What? Me? The one that puts everything and the kitchen sink on her pages? Yep! The second challenge was way too fun, stitching! The last one was easy, white borders around the photos. Most of the time I print my 4x6 photos with borders because otherwise part of them get cut out. 

This week I had lots of photos of random moments and things which reflects how chaotic and random is my life.

I love to use black and white photos specially when the quality is not very good. But sometimes they just look better.

This title card is very different from anything I've ever done but I was inspired by the layout of the card. I am crazy about these Puffy Alphas! I used stitching for the numbers. It's pretty addicting.

I used some foiled alphas from the October Pocket Life Kit. I always use some of the papers to cut tiny hearts so I can use around my layout.

I added a few stitches to give the illusion that they were holding some elements. Lately I've been cutting lots of photos in circles using dies.
Thanks for challenge Kristel! I hope you join! Share it with us at the Citrus Twist Facebook Fan Group

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