Monday, May 22, 2017

Do You know Your artistic signature?


It's Mira Jurecka here today and I'll be talking a lot about words, letters and alphabets and sentences in Your projects! I hope You will enjoy my picture-heavy post :)

Did You know, that I started preparing this post with no idea what it will be about? I found the theme simply by looking at every project that I created with May kits and searching for one specific thing that they have in common. And it was obvoius! I found it very quickly! Huge and colorful letters - I have them included in most of my projects. Have You ever tried to look at Your projects to find that one thing that makes them similar? Isn't that what they call an artistic singature? Can You find that something in Your projects? Just look at them closely!

Huge and colorful titles are what I really like including in my works. I rememeber having the post in the past - here on the blog - about huge titles in my Pocket Life album. Funny that I didn't consider it to be my signature then, and I just realized it now. And walking trough my previous posts I see it even clearer! (Aha-moment!)

There was this absolutely amazing and full of colors set of alpha thickers in May Add-on kit, that I used it as a main element in this layout!

A few stars and paper cuts, and it was called done. All because those letters made 90% of the job here!

Here's the pocket page that is opening May in my Album, and guess what? Transparent letters from Pocket Life Kit as the main element - and the page was ready! I didn't have to add anything else! Letters + simplicity = fun!

Another pocket-page title. In this monochromatic page I used both of previously-mentioned alphabet sets - ane kept everything else very simple.

Even in the smallest projects of mine You can find big letters, just take a look at this Insta Album:

I used four letters from Pocket Life kit, put them in a separate 2x2 pockets and they form a word "Mom's" (in polish - Mamy) in the phrase "Mom's Day" just to open this Mother's Day gift (mini album) that I made for my Mom.

What do You think about it? Can You easily find Your own singature in Your projects? Have You ever thought about it? Let me know what it is :)
Thanks for reading!

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