Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Tale As Old as Time" Layout: using ephemera to document a movie! with Andrea

Hi everyone! It's Andrea here. Today I wanted to share with you a movie layout I made using the Citrus Twist May "Brighton" kit. It is a layout about my date night with my hubby to go see the new live action "Beauty and the Beast" in the theater recently. I don't know about you, but I love to scrapbook about my movie nights and when I do, I like to use ephemera. So today, let's talk about what the different kinds of ephemera and how to use it (particularly for layouts where you are documenting something like a movie date, or a trip, or some other outing).

So there are three kinds of ephemera -- 1) the kind from a collection that you buy from a scrapbook company you like, which is like "faux ephemera" because it has been made for you so as to give an "ephemera" look, but be cutesy and match your scrapbook supplies. 2) There is the kind that you collect, which I call "collectible ephemera", which you can collect at any time. I have a lot of vintage ephemera and Disney ephemera that I collect from online, from trips I take, from presents from loved ones (they know I collect it), from stores, etc. This is what a lot of people refer to as "souvenirs" or  "memorabilia" and may or may not also be the third type of ephemera also. And so then 3) is "found ephemera", the kind that you find when you are on the go, on a vacation, on a dinner date, at a theme park, at a wedding, at some other event, date, outing, etc! "Found ephemera" is basically a "souvenir" that you don't have to buy. You just see some piece of paper that you like that is free from where you went to and you include it in your scrapbooking, basically. A ticket stub for a movie is a good example of this kind of ephemera. You have probably used all three of these types of ephemera at some point in your memory keeping. The found kind and the collectible kind tend to be particularly useful and popular for things like project life.

Ok, so now that we have gone over the differing types of ephemera, lets talk about using them. I love using ephemera in my scrapbooking! In this layout you can see me use all three kinds!

It is a layout about a night out at the movies. And movies are perfect to scrapbook with ephemera! As I noted, a movie ticket is a type of "found ephemera" and it tends to always look cute on a layout. And there are so many different things you can do with a ticket. You can use it as is, you can tear it, cut a strip from it, you can punch it into a shape! I basically did all of these things with my tickets! And I spread out the different pieces of ticket here and there around my page and used them in layering clusters. The tickets, and all "found ephemera", is awesome because it is a piece of my life on the page. It is the declaration of some activity I did, something I saw, something I enjoyed, etc. It helps to not only tell the story, but bring it to life in a very tangible way. And it also serves as a reminder to the memory keeper of what that day, event, etc, was really like.

I also used "faux ephemera" when I used the little arrow and circle and tab pieces that come in the Pinkfresh ephemera pack in the kit. I love how they look, with their little touches of rose gold! They are really for decoration. But this is an important part of your memory keeping as well. You want things to look good and "faux ephemera" can really help pull things together on your page and set a tone, style, color scheme.

And I used "collectible ephemera" as well in my layout. I printed out a promo picture for the new "Beauty and the Beast" movie. I found a few pics like this online, and simply picked out the one I thought looked best with my layout's color scheme and style. This, along with my title and subtitle, plus my journaling, really helps set the stage and tell the story. The photo I used of course, helps with this as well. But when your photo doesn't completely show what story you are trying to tell, a piece of "collectible ephemera" (which is usually an image piece of ephemera) really helps to finish telling the story of your layout to the viewer. With a quick glance at my page, I think you can tell that it is about going to see the movie "Beauty and the Beast".

It also happens to be about my hubby and I being a couple of dorks...but we wont go into that now! Lol! ;-P

Alright, well, I hope this has inspired you to go use some different types of ephemera on your layouts! Document a movie night, a vacation, a trip to Starbucks or a day at Disneyland...and see what a big difference these three kinds of ephemera can make on your page! Hugs and Happy Scrapping!! And remember to "live your life as a fairytale", as I always say!

xoxoxoxo -- Andrea

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